The promotional trailers that we provide for a roadshow or as a mobile showroom are so-called full-size trailers. The dimensions of a closed trailer are almost identical to those of a standard trailer that drives on the road. The promotional trailer is extended and built on-site. Depending on the trailer and your wishes, the dimensions of the promotional trailer can vary when on location.

Transport mode: a closed promotional trailer has the following format:

Length: 16.5 m

Width: 2.7 m

Height:  4 m
On-site: a promotional trailer on-site has the following format:

Length:                14 to 23 m

Width:                  6 to 10 m

Height:                                6 m (including a roof terrace)

A promotional trailer can be used with or without the tractor on-site. If you choose to disconnect the tractor (for example, due to a lack of space), the trailer can be hidden by metal plating.

The kerb weight of the ground weights can vary between 25 and 33 tons.