Nas Roadshows take exposure to a whole new level

Events are an effective way to bring your product, business or innovation to the attention of your target group. However, the costs of producing a stand are often high. With a promotion trailer from Nas Roadshows, you can keep the costs down and get an unprecedented level of exposure in return.

Nas Roadshows has the perfect promotion trailer for your event

Limitless exposure at a limited cost, anywhere in Europe, inside or outdoors. That is what you get with Nas Roadshows’ promotion trailers. Our promotion trailers go exactly where you want them to. Your very own promotion trailer – surface area 60 m2, decked out entirely in your corporate style – is a great way to attract attention. We have the right trailer for every event: promotion trailers, hospitality trailers, seminar trailers, merchandise trailers and compact cruisers.

Nas Roadshows offers maximum exposure at a limited cost

With a promotion trailer, the costs of participating in an event are significantly lower. Nas Roadshows will convert one of its promotion trailers in accordance with your exact wishes. When it’s done, we will transport the trailer to its destination with one of our own trucks. As we do not rely on third parties for this, we can keep our transport costs in check. On top of that, a promotion trailer has far greater impact than an event stand. It’s a win-win situation for you!

We like to keep things simple. If you have a golden idea of your own, we are happy to discuss the details with you. Together with our interior design experts, we will explore the possibilities, create a custom design and start building it.

Promotion trailer provides the “wow” factor

Nas Roadshows was founded in 2003 under the name Van Geel Roadshows. We work for myriad clients at tradeshows and events across Europe and beyond. After taking over in January of 2021, enthusiastic former employee Patrick Nas became the company’s new owner and took things to the next level. Patrick: “Our promotion trailers are a wonderful marketing tool. They are the definition of ‘marketing in motion.’ Our trailers are often met with amazing reactions – from the client and from visitors of the events where they appear. People cannot get enough of them. Your very own promotion trailer in your own corporate style lets you create that all-important ‘wow’ factor.”

Want to stand out with one of Nas Roadshows’ promotion trailer? Contact us today.

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